River (Acoustic)

by Sarah Duet

I find it heartbreaking that native land and ways of life continue to be violated in North America – especially at a time when native peoples' traditional understandings of the interconnectedness of all living things, of water as the source of life, and of non-violence as the way for resolving conflict could provide many of the very things I believe we need to heal as a nation. This song was born of my lament and reflection on such things, and as an ode to the river's beauty.

Mni wiconi (Water is life.)

100% of the proceeds donated here will go straight to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their efforts to resist further construction of the DAPL. Thanks for listening and for anything you are able to contribute.


© Written, recorded, mixed, & engineered by Sarah Duet (2016-2017)

Album art: Sarah Duet