Enneagram Introductions


Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your loved ones?
In being a better version of yourself?
In having healthier relationships?
Are you ever perplexed by yourself, loved ones, or coworkers?
Are you ready to explore deeper levels of spiritual practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Enneagram could be a valuable tool for you! Enneagram Introductions is a beginner-level study on the value of self-knowledge and the role of personality in our relationships with one another, and our own selves, and the world at large. In this workshop, we'll explore the Enneagram as a map that can help guide us – with both insight and practical strategy – along the path toward self-awareness and transformation.

What people are saying:

Enneagram Introductions has changed my relationships and ministry more than any other personality class, and I was an interpersonal communications major! Sarah is awesome. She presents the information with casual intelligence, subtle wit, and enormous enthusiasm!” 

–Kalena H, Director of Youth & Family Ministries

*Level of study: Beginner to intermediate

**7-8 hour workshop