About the Enneagram 


The Enneagram is a personality typing system that combines spiritual wisdom and modern psychology to describe 9 distinct, dynamic ways of being in the world. Each type is characterized by habitual, patterned responses and unique motivations that arise from how one thinks, feels, and behaves. The Enneagram doesn’t “put us in a box” but rather shows us the box we’ve been living in and maps a way out of it.

Sarah here. I'm an artist & communicator who has studied the Enneagram for 10 years now. After experiencing its immeasurable value in my own life, I was moved to learn as much as possible and share that wisdom with others along the way. With over 250 hours of workshop training, 100 hours of teaching experience, and countless hours of personal study under my belt, I work with individuals and communities to share basic Enneagram wisdom in hopes to foster increased self-awareness, empathy, meaningful work, and the capacity for healthier relationships.



About The Workshops

I teach 3 different Enneagram workshops.

See details below and click the “Let’s Talk” button to inquire about hosting one for your community. Each workshop includes an interactive workbook for participants and accompanying slides that aid in visual communication of the content.


Enneagram Introductions

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your loved ones?
In being a better version of yourself?
In having healthier relationships?
Are you ever perplexed by yourself, loved ones, or coworkers?
Are you ready to explore deeper levels of spiritual practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Enneagram could be a valuable tool for you! Enneagram Introductions is a beginner-level study on the value of self-knowledge and the role of personality in our relationships with one another, and our own selves, and the world at large. In this workshop, we'll explore the Enneagram as a map that can help guide us – with both insight and practical strategy – along the path toward self-awareness and transformation.

What people are saying:

Enneagram Introductions has changed my relationships and ministry more than any other personality class, and I was an interpersonal communications major! Sarah is awesome. She presents the information with casual intelligence, subtle wit, and enormous enthusiasm!” 

–Kalena H, Director of Youth & Family Ministries

*Level of study: Beginner to intermediate

**7-8 hour workshop


Enneagram Relationships

One the most valuable benefits of Enneagram work is the way it can help to improve and heal our relationships. In this workshop we explore the relationship patterns, tendencies, gifts, and challenges for each of the 9 types and how they interact with one another. 

We’ll look at how we take in information (Centers), how we respond to what we take in (Stances or Social Styles), how we cope with conflict/difficulty (Harmonic Groups or Coping Styles), and how to navigate conflict in combination with other types.

*Level of study: Beginner to advanced

**7-8 hour workshop


Enneagram Creativity

Humans are innately creative beings, though the focus and the process of that creativity certainly vary from person to person. In this workshop we look at how personality influences creativity for each of the 9 types.

Why is it important to make time and space for creativity in our lives? What sort of content do you naturally gravitate toward making? What are the gifts and challenges that your personality brings to the creative process? How can self-awareness help in overcoming creative obstacles and freeing you up to make the work and life you envision? 

*Level of study: Intermediate to advanced

**3-4 hour workshop


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other services


1-on-1 sessions

I’m available for 1 hr. coaching sessions with individuals to explore the Enneagram in direct application to your life. Sessions can be in person for folks in the Shreveport, LA, area or via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime for those at a distance.

*Level of study: Custom


Enneagram Basics

Enneagram Basics is a brief overview of the value of self-knowledge and the basic elements of Enneagram wisdom–setting participants up for a deeper dive into personal growth, relational transformation, and spiritual development should they choose to pursue it.

*Level of study: Introductory


Enneagram at work

The Enneagram at Work is a brief introduction to the value of self-knowledge in the workplace through the lens of the Enneagram–setting a team up for deeper work on their specific office dynamics, should they choose to pursue it.

*Level of study: Introductory/Custom