Enneagram Introductions at Broadmoor UMC (SHV, LA)

I'm excited to report that I get to start off 2018 by doing one of my favorite things...talking with you about the Enneagram!

Interested in starting the new year off with learning more about yourself and your loved ones? In being a better version of yourself? In having healthier relationships? lAre you ever perplexed by yourself, loved ones, or coworkers? Are you ready to explore deeper levels of spiritual practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Enneagram could be a valuable tool for you! I'll be leading a 5-week study on the value of self-knowledge and the role of personality in our relationships with God, one another, and our own selves. You can expect to gain valuable insights and practical tools with which to grow and mature in your spiritual journey.

Where: Broadmoor United Methodist Church

When: Jan. 10 - Feb. 7 (Every Wednesday @ 6pm)

Cost: $25 (Includes a study guide & printed resources; Scholarships available...don't let cost be a barrier!)

Sign Up: Register online at broadmoorumc.org/discipleship OR call/visit the church (Contact person: Laura Vaughan)

Notes: Childcare is available upon request. 


Hope to share these valuable conversations with you!