Christmas: The Weary World Rejoices

by Sarah Duet, 12/25/14

by Sarah Duet, 12/25/14

I've been thinking a lot about Mary & Joseph this Christmas. About what it might have been like to pause in their journey...with so much behind them & still so much ahead of celebrate a moment so special, yet surely still so difficult. To see & embody a fulfilled promise like that, while undoubtedly full also of questions about what was actually happening. Weary and tired from travel and labor. 

I'm realizing that Christmas is indeed a time of both weariness and joy, while people feel one or the other of those realities more fully on any given year. We are a weary world, and we have reason to rejoice.

Here's to remembering we're not alone in our weariness, and to taking time today to choose joy & gratitude where we can.

Merry Christmas, friends. Peace.