Influences: Scott Erickson

I appreciate when other artists give us glimpses into the influences that undergird the work they're making, so I've decided to periodically offer you those glimpses of the things that comprise my creative process. Hope it's interesting or helpful to you in some way!

If we've talked for any length of time about art and what artists I'm learning from, then I expect you've heard the name Scott Erickson. If we haven't gotten to have that conversation yet...well here it is! In brief anyway...

Scott Erickson is a visual artist who is currently living and working in Portland, OR, with his family. I first heard of Scott when he was in Houston working as the Artist-in-Residence at Ecclesia Church, where he was helping to create a visual culture largely through live-painting. And I was convinced of his brilliance when he did a series of abstract studio paintings to accompany Derek Webb's Feedback project–an instrumental, electronic, classically composed interpretation of the Lord's Prayer.

In addition to the paintings he makes, Scott writes and speaks vulnerably about life not only as an artist, but as a person in the world who wrestles with very real experiences of doubt & faith, depression, community & family life, finding a vocation & making a living, embracing the value of the mundane, making meaning of suffering, and more. I've encountered so much of myself in what Scott shares and makes, as have many other folks. It has been a formative, encouraging gift to engage what he shares of himself and I'm grateful in advance for all that is yet to come! You can see his work and read/hear his words by perusing

One of my absolute favorite things Scott has put out is his recent one-man play called We Are Not Troubled Guests. I've watched it twice now, laughing and crying in equal doses. Both times just as grateful for his honesty and in awe of how quickly he can transition from flippant, irreverent humor to raw vulnerability and the deep kind of human insight. Watch it by clicking on the video thumbnail below and entering the password: guests. And read more about the process of creating it here.

It's a private video...(Password: guests)

We are not troubled guests in this world, and our journey isn’t to try to figure out how we belong. But to realize we’ve always belonged.
— Scott Erickson, We Are Not Troubled Guests

A heartfelt "thank you" to Scott for all you've shared and all you will in the future. In your own words, "Be brave & keep going." We'll all be better for it...