Stop the Burn: Camp Minden

There is a proposed open burn of explosives that are being stored at Camp Minden that poses serious health risks to those who live in North Louisiana and the ArkLaTex region. Safer and more effective methods exist and should be used instead.

For the sake of those we know and love in this area, please consider getting involved with protesting this plan. With the current plan, we will be exposed to some serious cancer-causing and environmentally damagin toxins. For the latest information about what is happening and how to help, check out the Facebook group Concerned Citizens of the Camp Minden M6 Open Burn.

I've design a few screen graphics this week to help us spread awareness and round up support. Feel free to right click and download these images to use on your social media outlets, emailing, text messages, etc. There's a limited amount of time in which we can stop this and need all the hands on deck we can get!

5 Basic Moves to Improve Your Health

  1. Eat real food. The "foods" that are most popular and most accessible to us today in the U.S. are often not even real food anymore. What are they then? Food-like products chemically engineered to sell, be manufactured at the lowest cost possible, and to keep us wanting more of them. Here's a great guide to the basics of moving toward a healthier diet of the real foods we humans should be eating for optimum health.
  2. Make friends. We're built to connect with each other. There's even evidence linking quality relationships to stronger immune systems, better overall health, and decreased anxiety, depression, and addiction. So seriously, make friends and keep up with your relationships. If you don't know where to start or who to call...well call me. Or come by The Yellow House.
  3. Keep a journal. Expressive writing has real benefits for our mental and physical health! Here's a brief overview of why and how to make a practice of writing to heal.
  4. Exercise. And specifically with yoga if you haven't tried it yet. Yes, even you, men. Yoga is not just some hip fad right now. It's been around for more than 5,000 years and is an ancient science of the unity of body, mind, & spirit that can benefit us by relieving tension, improving strength & flexibility, increasing blood supply, eliminating toxins, lowering blood pressure, raising energy levels, improving mood & brain function, and bettering muscle tone. (That list's not comprehensive, but come on, why wouldn't you give it a try with all those benefits? I've been developing a daily yoga practice little by little for a few months now, and I'm loving it.)
  5. Get educated. And this can be fun! Check out the documentaries below for great overviews of our current food & health situation in the U.S. today. And/or read this article about what the processed food industry doesn't want us to know.