Dalzell House Show

I’ll be opening for McDean, a singer-songwriter duo from Pensecola, FL, on Nov. 10 for a house show on Dalzell Street in Shreveport. These folks are 2 great friends of mine and 2 of the best musicians I know. It’s always an honor to play with them, and I’m so excited that YOU might get to hear their magic this time. Mark those calendars, folks.

(Free tickets, suggested $10 donation at door)

Music for Well+Fed Dinner

I had a blast playing tunes at Well+Fed Louisiana’s “End of Summer Dinner” recently! I’m so proud to be a part of the crew there. The meal was 4 courses of all gluten-free, vegan food & wine, and it was magical. There will be many more of these to come in the future, so make sure to grab a ticket next time if you missed this one.

Also, I’ve got a couple hours of music put together and am always looking for places to play it, so let me know if your event or venue needs some tunes!

Yoga + Music

Photos courtesy of Melissa Stephens (melissastephensphotography.com)

I thoroughly enjoyed playing live music for a class at Breathe Yoga Shreveport earlier this month! The connections between yoga practice and making music abound, and I experienced these tangibly during the class. Both yoga and music require:

  • awareness of one's body,
  • attention to the breath,
  • openness to the feeling and energy of the environment,
  • centering in the present moment,
  • allowing discomfort,
  • and receiving one's thoughts, emotions, and sensations without being controlled by them.

I've known the importance of these things for years, as it's nearly impossible to record or perform music and not bomb terribly without these abilities. Eventually I found yoga as a form of literal practice that strengthens the metaphorical muscles (and more precisely: the neural pathways) needed for this sort of attention.

Of course these skills are valuable in most areas of life, and not everyone learns or practices them via music. I'm grateful to get to put music and yoga together in this way in hopes that it may contribute to other folks' practice––whatever form it takes.

I so enjoyed this experience, and the response has been so positive that I have decided to record an album precisely for this purpose...

I'm working on a collection of ambient, instrumental songs intended for the accompaniment of yoga, prayer, & other meditative practices that will be released in the near future.

I hope it'll be valuable to many of you in your pursuits of health, meaning, & connection.


"River (Acoustic)" Featured on Noisetrade's New & Notable!

Sarah Duet

River (Acoustic)

"The ever-emotive sound and deeply thoughtful lyrics we’ve come to expect of Sarah Duet’s music are as present as ever in her new single, “River (Acoustic),” which is available now exclusively through NoiseTrade. “River” was born of personal reflection on current events woven together with wisdom from many of the world’s great spiritual traditions on the essential sacredness of water. All tips will go to support the Standing Rock Sioux resistance efforts."

Genre: Singer/Songwriter : Acoustic

A song I recently wrote & recorded––“River (Acoustic)”––was chosen by Noisetrade.com as one of their New & Notable features! The song was promoted in one of their email campaigns Wednesday morning and the album will be featured on their homepage all week. I’m amazed that as of Wednesday afternoon, it was the 5th most downloaded album on the site! I’m really grateful that the song is making it into more ears than it ever would have otherwise.

You can grab it for free, but 100% of the proceeds from any tips I receive will go to support resistance efforts at Standing Rock. I'd love to send them as much as we can.

If you’re one of the many who have downloaded it already, thanks so much! I hope it’s meaningful for you in some way.

Songs for Standing Rock (Coming Soon)

"River (for Standing Rock)" coming in March/April 2017!

"River (for Standing Rock)" coming in March/April 2017!

The Scoop

I wrote a song reflecting on the situation with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the Dakota Access Pipeline. I am finishing the tracking, mixing, and mastering now, and it is set to be released in March/April of 2017! If all goes as planned, soon thereafter I'll share a B-side cover from the Civil Rights Era catalogue...as these songs are needed again now more than ever. 

The Stories

There's a grievous history of the native peoples in our country that we must face, that we may lament it, and learn to go forward in a new way. Mark Charles, Native American author & activists, paints a picture of that history as it relates to the Christian church, the present political moment, and proposes a pursuit of "racial conciliation." Watch the lecture below. It is worth every minute.

In this lecture "Lamenting the Mythology of a Christian Empire", Native American author and activist Mark Charles unravels the hidden history and moral myths that lie at the heart of the systemic injustice and division persisting in America today - and proposes a way forward. This lecture was given at Saving Justice: Night of Lament, a citywide event hosted by Imago Dei Community and Bridgetown Church, on January 23rd, 2017.

Not Okay: A Community-Wide Grief and Lament Service

I'm honored to be involved in this upcoming event. I'll be part of the music team with Caitlin Milam and others, and we're joining my good friends Katie James (live-painting), Val Robideaux and John Hawkins (speakers). This is how John describes what the evening will entail:

Most of us have really great lives.

But we still hurt.

No one’s exempt from suffering. There’s no pass when it comes to cancer. Or grief. Or rejection.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce an upcoming opportunity called Not Okay.

If you or someone you know is hurting, grieving, confused – even angry with God – you’re invited to Not Okay, a worship experience highlighting grief and lament, Thursday, March 12 on the campus of Centenary College.

Sponsored by the Office of the Chaplain and ClearView Church, the evening will be an opportunity to worship without fake smiles and easy answers, an invitation for those who are walking through a difficult season to trust God with their honest thoughts and emotions.

The practice of bringing one’s questions – and even accusations – to God is remarkably common in the Bible. It’s called lament, and it’s a needed form of worship today given our unfortunately common habit of stuffing it instead.

This is a rare and beautiful opportunity. Please don’t miss out.
— John Hawkins, Pastor of Clearview Church

I really hope you can make it. I'd love to experience this together. Add it to your calendar.

Playing Producer

I had the pleasure and privilege of helping my friend/collaborator Caitlin Milam record some of her original music last month! I've wanted to help produce her work for quite some time, and the opportunity finally arose. We made some simple acoustic recordings of 3 songs, designed some minimalistic packaging, and put it all together for a few lucky folks to receive for Christmas presents. You can listen to one of the tracks titled "King of Glory" in the player below!

Also, you can hear these songs live on January 24th in West Monroe. Details about the upcoming gig can be found here.

Album Art: December Cinema Vol. 1 by Matt Kidd

Recent album artwork I made for Matt Kidd's Christmas EP.

Recent album artwork I made for Matt Kidd's Christmas EP.

I had the distinct privilege of working with one of my favorite artists recently to design the album artwork for his new Christmas EP. Matt Kidd recently released December Cinema, Vol. 1, a beautiful ambient-instrumental collection of 5 traditional Christmas songs: 

  1. The First Noel
  2. Oh Come, Emmanuel
  3. What Child is This?
  4. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  5. Silent Night

You can grab 2 of the tracks for free on Noisetrade or find the project in its entirety on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

Get yourself a little Christmas present and add some new tracks to your holiday playlist this week? Matt was wonderful to work with, and I'd love for you to both support him and get to appreciate these songs.

House show this Thursday!

I’ll be playing a house show this Thursday night at 7pm for a THRIVE event at the Yellow House!

THRIVE, a college/young adult group that meets on Thursdays at the YH, is wrapping up a teaching series on Doubt, and instead of the usual weekly line up of worship tunes and study, THRIVE & the YH crew are collaborating to put on this house show. I’m honored to be the artist for the night and am excited to bring my friend Caitlin Milam along with me (who always makes the songs sound about 6x’s better than they would have otherwise).

Looking forward to a night of songs, stories, conversation, coffee, free food, and some space for reflection...

Hope you can join us!

(Add it to your iCal or gCal with one click here.)